Hi, I'm Josh.

I am a serial business owner, an aviation enthusiast, and an irrepressible thrill-seeker. 

I currently own and maintain an online retail company, Exispace LLC, while holding an Associated Degree in Business Administration. Separately, I'm saving to arrange flight training to become a helicopter pilot, and in the meantime intend to launch an aerial photography business based in Buffalo NY.

I keep busy working on projects, learning new skills, riding anything that will go fast (cars, motorcycles, electric unicycles), and learning new information through books and podcasts.


To keep up with new projects I'm involved in or any crazy hobbies I've adopted, or simply to hear my unsolicited opinions or advice, follow me on Twitter and Instagram.



If you're contacting me for the first time, please use the submittable form on my Contact Page. I do not monitor DMs on social media or emails sent to nonexistent aliases.