Hobbies & Interests

Interested in any of the following?
We might have something in common!


It's the only time a stalemate works in my favor.


I'm a new rider! I probably can't keep up with you, but I'll certainly try. Always looking for group rides.

Electric Unicycles

Not as fast as a motorcycle, but still just as fun.
*Disclaimer: Requires some coordination


I had to come up with an excuse to like winter, so here it is.


Yet another excuse to like winter (I needed multiple)

3D Printing

A coping mechanism for the fact that I no longer play Minecraft, but still want to build stuff


What's better than playing with a bouncy ball for hours at a time?


I can see you! Wait, that's a tree. Nevermind.


Don't play but I used to (center defense). Enjoyed the sport.


Perhaps I'm an aspiring helicopter pilot. Where did you hear that?


Please don't show me one; I'll want to keep it.


Rubik's Cubes

Best time on a 3x3 is 58 seconds. On a 2x2, 14 seconds.


Draw, fire, aim! (Usually in that order)


Had I chosen to become an architect, it would have been because of this game.

Coin Collecting

Probably an indication that I like money in general?

Gaga Ball

Don't be mislead my the name; you'll have bloody knuckles within ten minutes.


Though largely replaced by my electric unicycle, I still have fun with them.

Carpet Ball

A more intense and competitive version of pool

Board Game Creation

Yep, that's actually a hobby.


A school project turned into a writing spree ~ and I never really stopped.

Asphalt Airborne 8

Smashing other vehicles without getting a ticket is irresistable. What can I say?

Killer Whales

My favorite animal ~ more of an interest than a hobby


A (semi)relaxing way to spend time on the water


Strange perhaps: I enjoy learning and practicing new knots.