Product Developer

Job Details

Hiring Entity

Josh Bauer

Ideal Candidate for this Role

This position is ideal for someone already skilled in developing successful products, but lacking in the means to self-publish and sell them, whether due to geographical restrictions of selling platforms, preference to not maintain one's own infrastructure, etc.

Job Description

  • Create new product designs, both to be used as standalone digital products to be sold on online marketplaces, and to be used as designs printed on clothing or other accessories

  • Create listing details for products in accordance with good SEO practices, including title, description, and tags.

  • As necessary, create effective product images to attach to listing

Job Requirements

  • Be fluent in English

  • Be skilled at analyzing market trends and identifying new product ideas that have a high potential to sell

  • Be familiar with basic SEO strategies (identifying and incorporating trending key words)

  • Be able to make high-quality designs that customers will want to purchase

  • Be fluent with the graphic design softwares necessary to create products, including any or many of the following:

      • Adobe Photoshop

      • Canva

      • Google Drawings

      • PDF editors

      • File converters

      • Other similar software

  • Be able to communicate using one or more of the following platforms:

      • Email

      • Text Message

      • Facebook Messenger

  • Be familiar with using spreadsheets (Google Sheets / Microsoft Excel)

  • DO NOT plagiarize existing designs or products from other stores or sellers. Other ideas may be used for inspiration, but copying entire products is not acceptable

  • Basic familiarity with the following platforms:

      • Amazon

      • eBay

      • Facebook Marketplace

      • Etsy

Not Required

  • Constant or consistent availability; work is done on your own schedule

  • Residence within any specific geographical location


  • Contractor (freelancer) role

  • Commission-based per-product compensation of:

      • First $20 in profit received from sale of designed product

      • 50% of profit from designed products for the first 3 months

      • 25% of profit from designed products for the second 3 months

  • Payment will be made through an online method such as Bank Deposit, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, etc

  • Bi-weekly payouts

How to Apply

Contact Josh Bauer at