The Explosive Marshmallow

By Josh Bauer

Longitude is key

It's a weapon of disguise

And a method of attack

If the temperature should rise

They're relentless, unforgiving

'll hit you right between the eyes

For the moment no one's looking

Is the moment someone dies

Heat, combustion, fuel, expansion

It's a deadly arsenal

One that's only utilized

By the explosive marshmallow

Now why do they explode?

Is there something we did wrong?

No, the marshmallows just hate us

And they wish that we were gone

After years of being torched,

Burnt to crisps, melted and fried

And after years of being scorched

Very few have since survived

Yet they muster up their courage

And they keep their game on track

For the people fear and tremble

When the marshmallows fight back