It’s You That Pulled the Threads

By Josh Bauer

I came during the night

But your windows, shut and locked

Left me freezing in the rain

Didn’t hear when I had knocked

‘Didn’t hear’ was your excuse

Was the rain … was it too loud?

Oh, you said it was your speakers

Yeah well look where we are now

Then you told me to screw off

Said you never needed me

Broke the silence with a cough

Said to hand over your key

Don’t know what the hell I did

Maybe someday you’ll explain

Why the two of us just slid

In a night … with pouring rain

Hope you realize … hope you know

That you tore me up in shreds

But I’ll never let it show

Since it’s you that pulled the threads

Inspired by the poem “What Have You Done,” and drafted in cooperation with its author, Isabelle Smith, in a collaboration effort.

That poem can be accessed here.