Group Rules

We ask that members of our group adhere to the following rules; they are in place to provide the best experience possible to our members by ensuring quality and originality of group content:

1) Zero Tolerance for Spam

Posting comments with the clear intent of spamming the group with useless links and promotions about bitcoin mining, or anything else wildly off-topic, will result in you being banned without warning.

2) Keep Irrelevant Posts to a Minimum

We ask that you keep posts on topic with Google Sites. Deviations in comments are allowed to an extent, as we are humans and not robots, but posts that are completely off topic will be taken down.

3) Be Respectful of Other Members

Disagreement is allowed, and critical thought is encouraged, but comments that are degrading and insulting for no justifiable reason will be removed when appropriate.

4) Limit Obscure and Vague Posts

This includes posts that are too vague to be understood, or don't provide any clear question, statement, thought, etc relating to Google Sites.

5) Posting Links to Your Website

This is allowed when illustrating a concept, requesting feedback on the site, using the link or destination to answer another's question, etc. Otherwise, links should only be posted when requested.